Why can't I log in instead of sync?

My computer crashed on Monday and I can’t sync my stuff to my new computer because my Brave for iPhone version is too old (iOS 12.5). Can’t I just log into brave and redownload my stuff?

Can you not download an older version of Brave? Also be aware that the Sync key changes daily so you would have to get the key off another device in the sync chain.

How do I downgrade to an older version?

So even though the items you want are on the older version of Brave on ioS 12.5 the computer will not pull the data from the phone?

Yes. What are your solutions?

Hey you can sync your browsers. Add the word ‘Betray’ at the end of your code. The older versions only had 24 words for the code. The newer versions though have a 25th word which changes daily. The 25th word is same for everyone for each day. Adding the word at the end of the 24 word code you should be having will sync your devices.

Let us know if any more assistance is needed.

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All my logins are back! Thanks!

Glad that I could help. :slight_smile:

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