Why cant appear verified creator

Hello, I just want to ask about the verified creator, why doesn’t it appear as a verified creator? I’m from the Philippines

Creators now are limited to supported regions.

Warum ist Germany nicht auf Uphold Liste?

@LeachimB Because Uphold does not support Germany. You can see Uphold’s official list of non-supported regions at https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026786712-Non-Supported-Jurisdictions

That’s the short answer. Longer is I know they still allow old accounts to be used. However, at this time, it’s been asked that Brave stop support for Germany. It is unknown if this support will be offered again in the future. The assumption is they’ll eventually allow anyone who was linked to Uphold in the past to link again, but not to allow new connections. This is something being discussed and worked on now, as Brave tries to reestablish connections to various countries, such as India, Mexico, and many others around the world.

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