Why brave rewards not supported my phone

Hello brave admins I am using Brave browser since 2 years and today when I was update brave app then brave food me that you’re not supported for brave rewards.
Why is it please tell me.

Did you have a rooted device? Or custom rom?

Brave Rewards is not available for those device. Or maybe your device failing the SafetyNet check which is a requirement in order to enable Rewards.

I have not any rooted device or custom rom.
I am using brave browser since 2019 then why this problem is showing me today.

Still not resolve my problem.
Its not good thing that brave browser doing now.

Can you make sure this one? :point_up:

Here’s the reason said that, why is it I can’t understand about that, after update the Brave this interface showing me.

I got the same message…

Why is it suddenly happen with Brave Users I don’t know, I am using Brave browser since 2019 January and now facing this problem.

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