Brave Rewards is not supported | Android

Description of the issue: When trying to activate Brave Rewards on my android Brave browser, it produces a message “We are sorry, looks like Brave Rewards is not supported on your device”

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Download Brave Browse v 1.0.91
  2. Click Brave Rewards icon
  3. Click “join the program” or whatever it is called in English, the step when your wallet starts to be created

Actual Result:

and the icon of Brave Rewards disappears forever (or until you delete and istall the Brave Browser only to see it disappear once again and so on)

Expected result: The wallet gets created, Brave Rewards is activated

Reproduces how often: Always after installation of the browser; Impossible to reproduce the second time because the icon of Brave Rewards goes hidden

Brave Version: 1.0.91

Mobile Device details Meizu Pro 6

Android Version 6.0 (Flyme 6.3)

Additional Information: I am sad


Thats weird, look my versión

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Same problem.
Google pixel 3 xl Android Q


@Andryusha17 Thanks for reaching out!. Could you please check SafetyNet verification on your Android device

Looks like SafetyNet check has failed in your device. If that is the case Brave rewards will not be enabled.


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Thank you. This is what I get after checking SafetyNet:

Which line in here i should change to “true” in order to use Brave Rewards, CtsProfileMatch?
P.S. No root, superuser, magicbox or opened bootloader on my device. Had root once, maybe some trail of it is the reason. Pokemon GO does not work too.

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Same thing for me, don’t understand. I have never been rooted or done anything other than normal use.

I am a beta One UI user.

Unfortunately rooted device are not part of rewards right now. May be in future with KYC process in place.

@GavBak have you tried removing the app from memory and relaunching it? Sometimes if the app is always in background there are chances of it not being able to claim rewards. You mentioned you are a beta One UI user am not sure if that is pre-installed with a root access on your device.

I was on a non official note 8 one UI beta u. Now that I’m upgraded to the official one UI I don’t have an issue I’m not sure if it’s because I was unofficial beta or if it was beta in general.

There was no root for me.

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