Brave reward is not Available in my device why?

Did you have a rooted device or custom ROM installed?

Basically, your device is likely failed the Safety Net check which is required in order to enable Rewards.

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my old phone was broken and i bought new phone and install and this is it my device is not available for reward

I didn’t installed rooted or Rom

This one @Budz :point_up:
No workaround for now I’m afraid

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How to fix it step by step please till me what to do because I don’t know where to start or where is safety net.

he meant that the browser make a security check before allowing the reward and he said one of the reason that you could rooted your device or using a custom room and of course there are many other reason which i do not know about

hope that clear his msg

have a nice day

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I got it now that’s why my device is not available to reward in my new device because I was already log-in in my old broken device how sad :frowning: there no way to fix it right?

you can try with another device
if you have another phone or laptop or pc or tablet try to install brave on it

hope that help and have a nice day

Yes this is my new phone and I already installed the Brave browser but the reward is not available

i got that i ment that you use another device other than this one that has issue with the reward

if you have laptop or any other device

have a nice day

OK but I don’t have any device now but thanks for answering have a nice day too.

sorry for your issue and thanks :slight_smile:

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