Brave rewards incompatible on my device moto G3 Android 6.0

Why is this error happening with my device when I open the brave browser that I will enable brave rewards and this message appears on the screen “It seems that brave rewards is not available on your device” I do not understand why this is happening !!!

Can you tell me if your device is rooted or not?


My device is not rooted

Can you try un/reinstalling the browser and see if this makes a difference? Also, is this your first time installing Brave on this device?

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already installed it dismantled and installed again and still in the same situation

Unfortunately, your device is likely failing the Safteynet check required to enable Rewards. At this time there’s no work around for this – however, we are looking at improving this particular system as we move forward, given that you are not the only user who’s run into this situation.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Me to my device aren’t available to get rewards? Why?

Yes my no is available

What mobile phone are compatible for brave rewards?

@Joshnovell1 As long as your device is not rooted, you should be able to enable Rewards.

But if your device’s not rooted and Rewards not available for your device, then like mentioned above, seems you encounter an issue where your device is failing the SafetyNet check which is a requirement to enable Rewards.

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