Why Brave Rewards can´t use it´s own Brave wallet?

I just created my Brave Wallet at my Brave Browser and it looks like I can´t use it to collect my Brave Rewards. In stead I have to use Uphold or Gemini and with Both I had problems.

So… Why? Why we can´t do to the simplest way and use Brave Wallet for collect Brave Rewards?

@Mol You can find the answer at https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/wiki/Wallet-support-FAQ#why-cant-my-wallet-receive-my-rewards-how-about-tipping-from-my-wallet

I also did my own version of that at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers under Can I get my BAT from Brave Rewards in my Brave Wallet?

But more importantly, I think it might be good for you to look in the FAQ one at What is BAT? and How do I get BAT?

The reason I say the latter 2 is to understand that we don’t actually earn BAT from Brave, but instead are getting those by exchanging vBAT for BAT, which requires a place like Uphold or Gemini to do.

Due to regulations, some countries are not eligible to participate in Brave Rewards. Other countries, such as Japan, use an alternative to BAT, called “Basic Attention Points” (BAP).
For example, users can still earn BAP from ads and tip creators with their BAP. Creators receive the local currency equivalent based on the amount of points users have tipped but do not receive BAT. BAP cannot be exchanged for BAT.

The reason I highlighted that last part is to show how phrasing and mandates differ through countries. Regardless, we all get “points” but we’re able to convert ours a bit better.

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And when discussing this with Brendan Eich (CEO of Brave) lately, asking if THEMIS or other options would allow us to be able to get Brave Rewards at our Brave Wallet, his response was:

Themis => decentralized ad buyer performance verification. Doesn’t help with compliance, nothing does. LN doesn’t help, nodes must be licensed MSBs or MTLs which means they will have to KYC for AML and sanctions :frowning:

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