Strange behavior with Brave Ads

Hello, folks.

I have been facing an issue with the brave ads recently after I connected to Brazil using a VPN service on my android.

Since then, I’ve been receiving a mix of ads in Portuguese and English, which is fine, however the issue is as follows:

  • The ads I receive in Portuguese, don’t count +1 in the “ads received this month” section in the rewards tab, whereas the ones I receive in English (the regular ones) it increments +1.

  • The ads I receive in Portuguese, look strange, some of them look like scam. There is one from Natura that asks for CPF (Brazilian equivalent of a SSN - Social Security Number). The other is Ana Maria Braga’s recipe. They come as regular ads notification, however the brave doesn’t compute them as ads to give me rewards.

  • The Portuguese ads keep appearing even with the VPN turned off or connected in another country.

  • I connected in other countries and never had this issue, all ads I receive are computed as a rewarding ad (except the Brazilian ones).

I was thinking to re-install brave or possibly factory reset the phone, but since I couldn’t get my brave wallet verified with uphold in the mobile nor have it backed up, I don’t want to lose my funds, so I was wondering if you guys faced similar problem and if there is any solution for this.

These are the Brazilian ads I receive that don’t give earnings. impersonating Carrefour company. impersonating the website.

Natura asking for CPF (SSN)

I looked into the domain of these ads and seems to be deceptive.

Do you have any suggestions as to what they might be? Anything that would help me to overcome this issue?



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