Whole window Flickering in full-screen mode with popups

Description of the issue:

I am seeing strong flickering on certain circumstances since my last update of the Brave browser.
My version is v1.62.156, I have an intel CPU with no external graphics and didn’t have flickering occur on v1.61 in any situation before updating.

How can this issue be reproduced?

It flickers when a combination of the following occurs:

  • I am in my window-manager’s (i3wm) full-screen mode, or even actual full-screen mode (triggered with F11, only page content visible)
  • I do an action that triggers a popup menu. Not every kind of popup menu will cause the flicker. For example :
    • when adding a bookmark the first popup aligned with the start of the URL bar doesn’t flicker, but when editing the destination folder via ‘Choose another folder’ in the dropdown menu, it changes to another kind of popup and the whole window starts to flicker.
    • when I want to close a window with multiple tabs open and a confirmation popup appears.

This flickering happens in all the browser profiles that I have.

This flickering is strong enough to make me feel like on the verge of having an epilepsy crisis. Clearly not something any user would want to live with.

Expected result:
The window should not flicker under any circumstances.

Brave Version / Additional Information:
OS: Linux (Debian 12 bookworm)
Window manager: i3wm
Brave version: v1.62.156
Graphics: intel integrated graphics
Screen resolution: QHD (non-curved)

Please let me know if there’s a better place to report this description of the bug. Definitely something off here.

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I’m having the same issue, but in my case, when I tried to edit bookmarks and closing windows with more of one tab. Same problem with beta version. I’ve tried Chrome and shows no issue at all. I had to downgrade to Brave 1.62.147…

I saw another post on this same topic from a Ubuntu user. My distro is LMDE 6 with Cnnamon DE. Is your Linux instal a Debian-based one? We could be getting a pattern here.

I’m on Debian 12. Your description of “when I try to edit bookmarks and closing windows with more than one tab” also fits my description.
I think we’re facing the same issue.

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Did you download and installed some older Brave version yet to test if it’s works just like in my case?

I noticed the same thing. Every time any Brave dialog is displayed, the entire Brave screen flashes like crazy and only stops when you click again on any space in Brave. I noticed this happening after the last update in January 2024. I noticed it happening for the boxes:

  • Alert
  • Confirmation
  • Favorites
  • Any other box natively activated by brave

I’m using Ubuntu 23.04 and nvidia drivers.
The curious thing is that when activating the journalct -f command and observing anomalies displayed by Brave, I didn’t find anything abnormal.

Can you help me?

Are you using a Debian-based OS by chance?
Here we have the same issue and also Debian/Ubuntu users.

1522525 - Snapped window moves when dialog box opens - chromium

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