Who has the highest time saved and the most ad blocked

Just wondering man i like how i see people with a million ad blocked

Who cares?
As far as I see less ads, who really cares if it is 10, 100, 1k, 1m ?

There are more important things to do in life than checking who has it bigger :stuck_out_tongue:

ok thanks for telling me now e

I mean this is not record shattering but here is mine since December 2020. :

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Not bad. I know I got this computer in April 2021. Since then mine is:

New Tab - Brave 9_14_2022 11_43_01 PM

I find it interesting how you have a significant amount more trackers & ads blocked while I have you beat on Bandwidth, lol.

I kind of wish I knew what my statistics would be if we could have tracked across all my devices since I started using Brave around the end of 2018.


here is mine since using Brave

Not sure when I installed it but


i have 318 million i think thats the most

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Yeah, trackers & ads aside, the bandwidth and “time saved” is incredible as well. Almost feels unrealistic, but I guess all depends on what you’re doing on your device, lol. Otherwise one would think you found the file for it and edited. :skull:

I feel like i dont get enough ads

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