Whitelist individual "ads"

Hi. On a games site that currently has Flash discontinued, they used a third-party service + program to emulate flash safely. Apparently, brave detects it as an “ad” and won’t let me access the interface where I actually open the program. I’ve been looking for ways to whitelist individual “ads” but all I found was a GitHub request for whitelisting sites.

What I’d like to do: be able to whitelist separate “ads”
Expected result after that: be able to load the interface where I can load the app.

What happens: Brave blocks the interface, resulting in just a blank screen. Well, not the screen but the game area.

Brave version: Brave 1.26.74 Chromium: 91.0.4472.124 (Official version) 64 bits

Any help to that? Incase there is no help, here is the supposed “ad” brave is blocking.

Inside: * https://www.kongregate.com

Just tested https://www.kongregate.com/games/Playsaurus/poker-quest?haref=HP_HNG_poker-quest

If you add the following into brave://adblock @@||getsupernova.com/tags/supernovalauncher.js$domain=kongregate.com Does it help? @zFragment

Okay, could reproduce.

Give it 24-48hrs.

No luck. I even tried adding some stuff that you forgot. (@@||https://cdn.getsupernova.com/tags/supernovalauncher.js$domain=https://www.kongregate.com)

Anything else/other ideas? I’ll try the exact code, but I doubt it is gonna work.

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