Can two separate instances of Brave be run simultaneously?

No tab managers/suspenders I’m aware of reduce the clutter in the Window dropdown menu if your m.o. tends to go that way (like mine does).

Running two separate instances of Brave would seem to be one way of achieving that – i.e., using them as essentially two different workspaces.

Is there a way to do that, other than running, e.g., a dev version alongside a release version?


(Another reason would be to keep certain windows/tabs in a Brave instance run with no extensions, when maximum privacy is a priority. As far as I know there’s no way to hide specific windows or tabs from a tab manager/suspender extension.)

Yes. However, please note that BAT rewards will only work for one browser.

@plasmi Thanks, how is it done, noting that I was referring to running two Release versions simultaneously – not a Beta, Dev or Nightly version alongside the Release version?

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