Where is my BAT gone?

I haven’t verified my wallet but today I earned 0.250 (I just started using brave), I assumed that my money will go towards brave wallet, where I can do most stuff such as send, by or exchange. But I didn’t have any BAT I there. How do I put the money there
Here are some of the images to help you understand my problem!

You should open brave reward internals and search there if your reward is there that means you have recieved it safely

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It doesn’t show anything

Hi thanks for sharing,

The Brave wallet is not for receiving BAT from rewards right now, but you could transfer it from from your verified custodian account like Uphold if you’d like. The Brave wallet is mainly for being a self custody wallet to hold your cryptocurrencies in general and for interacting with Dapps.

can you please look into my issue
sorry for being persistent but i am really in need of yur help
Thank you

Can I transfer my BAT into some different wallet, such as MetaMask?

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