Where are the actual installation files for Brave?

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I carry Brave with me on a flash drive to install at customer sites. This is not the actual file, but and installer stub. Yesterday, I had to wait in embarrassment as a slow Internet connection took forever to install Brave. It made me look stupid.

So, I though I’s ask. Where are the “actual” installer files located so I can download them to my flash drive before arriving at a customer’s site? Sort of like Mozilla’s https://ftp.mozilla.org? (I wrote a program that goes out and download any new revision of software I carry on my flash drive, I just don’t know where Brave keeps the real stuff.)

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You can find all available Brave binaries on our Github Repository:

In addition, to avoid the issue you described with your customer’s slow internet, you may consider the standalone installer (also available in the page linked above) which installs the latest version directly (offline).

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I don’t mean to be dense here, but I am not having much luck finding the latest offline installer and revision for Windows. Would you point me to it?

Absolutely! Look for the “Standalone” links on this page.

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Thank you!

What is the difference between BraveBrowserSetup.exe and BraveBrowserSetup32.exe?

Also, the link was for releases/tag/v0.62.51. I need to know how to figure out what the latest release is. (This will be added to a program and I will be reading with Perl 6 and curl.)

v0.62.51 is the latest release. If you have Brave installed anywhere, you can go to menu --> About Brave to see the latest version (assume you’re up to date).

BraveBrowserSetup.exe = Stub installer – 64 bit
BraveBrowserSetup32.exe = Stub installer 32bit


Thank you! And the two I would want are BrowserStandaloneSetup.exe and BrowserStandaloneSetup32.exe.

one down, one to go!

My program does not have access or even care what version of Brave I personally have installed. I need to be able to find what the latest stable release’s version is from the web. All I need is the web page where this is found. (I read the whole page and then find what I need by carving up the page with Perl.)

I do see this:


But that looks like a terrible moving target

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