Site posing as Brave?

I was directed by a search engine to download the browser from the site “”. I had issues with the download and now am wondering if that site is legitimately operated by Brave.

Is it a Brave-affiliated site? Or something to be concerned about?

Probably, it is better if you use .com or directly from github and nowhere else. Some have it like Windows Store and Epic Store but I would just download it from github to be honest since you can download the full standalone offline installation rather than the “online” one, you should check the file with virustotal and see if it throws something weird, check your computer to see if something weird was installed, uninstall and install the proper version.

Might be an affiliate but to be honest I think affiliate is not a thing anymore, and even if it was, I would still download it from the real place. or which will give you the releases with release notes which means stable, and you use BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup.exe for the offline installation 64bits.

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