We need a Mozilla Firefox browser service i.e. creating primary password(Master Password) for saved logins. Before log in to any website we should enter the primary password(if created) for sign into any website if we saved the credentials in the browser

**Description of the Feature :**We need the primary password for saved logins before sign in to website

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

**Additional Information:**I hope you will bring this feature for next brave update

Can you explain why “you” need this?

For example I don’t have a primary sign on to my Firefox browser - IE I don’t have or want a Firefox account.
Also with Brave if I want to view a saved password in the Password settings I have to enter my device password. On Firefox in passwords I don’t even have to do that…

This is a feature that i’ve been wanting to be added to the brave browser
The Master password can be useful in two ways:

  1. It could prevent others who have physical access to my system from snooping into my passwords
  2. In the event my system is hacked this Master password prevents the attacker from cracking the passwords even if the Login Data file was stolen

This feature is helpful for securing passwords. Although if the system password is required to see the saved passwords but there is disadvantage. Now a days the cheaters can easily knowing the passwords by inspect.

A dedicated password manager with strong encryption such as KeepassXC (https://keepassxc.org), Keepass (https://keepass.info), Bitwarden (https://bitwarden.com), or Nordpass (https://nordpass.com) are more secure options compared to saving passwords in a browser. Read the articles below to learn more.

Yes Sure they are I’m just putting it out that the feature is a good one to have>

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