When I try to get my recovery phrase I get a string of #s and letters instead of words

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The Brave Team will never ask you for your recovery phrase or private key.

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@Rocketman First thing, it helps if you provide details in the text of your post. Leaving everything in the title can make it difficult to see.

That aside, I try not to make assumptions on things. So I’m going to ask you to detail where you’re looking when you see your recovery phrase that is a string of #s and letters? Can you kind of detail the steps you’re taking to get there?

As irritating or silly as that might sound, I’m just wanting to make sure you haven’t navigated to something else. Also, when did you install Brave? Like is this a new installation and you’re trying to get the initial or is this an existing Wallet you’ve had for a while?


Android 10? Windows 10? Or what? I’m wanting to assume Windows 10, but figured it won’t hurt to get confirmation.

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