When custodial wallet support for brave rewards in Bangladesh region

It’s been long time since uphold disabled for brave rewards custodial account in Bangladesh. Zebpay for India region but there is no for Bangladesh region

Hello - Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, Bangladesh is not supported at this time. You can see a full list of the supported regions here: https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/6539887971469-List-of-supported-regions-Connecting-a-custodial-account-to-Brave-Rewards-and-Brave-Creators

Thank you!

@razin you’re asking the wrong question. If you just want custodial wallet support, then it might be a long time. I think they said ZebPay eventually will add Bangladesh, Philippines, etc. But we’re most likely talking a year or more away, if at all.

Now, if you want to forget about custodial support and ask when you’ll be able to receive BAT, that should be this year. On chain support is in testing now. You might want to check out PSA: Current and upcoming changes to Rewards and Creators

Hi @Saoiray @Evan123 , I was travelling in China last year when the change came out. I’ve returned to Canada now and I am still getting the Unsupported Region message on my browser. How can I reset this so that I can add my Uphold account to it?

@killawhale it’s good to know when you’re getting the message and exactly which you’re getting. For example, if you can click on Uphold and you’re getting the message saying Region not supported, then this is based on your passport.

If Uphold can’t be clicked on and it says something like Rewards are not available in your area, then it’s going based on your OS Locale settings. It’s looking for your country selection, time zone, and language to make its initial determination of what country you’re in.

Of course, also matters on what country you chose for your Rewards country. If you didn’t choose the current, you’ll need to go to Brave Rewards and Reset it. This will start a new Rewards profile and you’ll then choose your country (which will need to match passport provided to Uphold)

Thanks for the quick response @Saoiray ! I got it working again. But for anyone else reading, my region in the Rewards Settings was not set to Canada so I just reset it and not it’s back.

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