When can we expect Zebpay for creators also?


Im from India and its been a long time im missing my creator rewards
When can we expect Zebpay for creators also?

Thank you

Well, why haven’t you set yourself up? You do know you can get on chain tips now, right? If not, check out PSA: Current and upcoming changes to Rewards and Creators

They had it planned for the early part of this year. I’m assuming within the next month or two, but that’s just my own personal assumption. I’ll try to get in touch with some at Brave to see if they have any ETA on it.

@Eswar159 just a FYI, I got a response. They still don’t know what the end game is going to be on this. I guess ZebPay still has things to build out and the likelihood is if this is done, it might be around the 2nd quarter. It all depends on ZebPay’s priorities.

Another little cog here is the big push and focus on just shifting to on chain payments. While custodial partners will remain an option, at least for a while, it’s really going to be beneficial for both users and Brave to shift more to on chain.

I’m not telling you it’s not going to happen or anything, but just wanting to make sure to share there’s a lot being worked on and no solid answers can be given at this time. But at least you can have your Creators set up to receive direct tips via crypto networks. (which opens you up to more people being able to tip. If was ZebPay, only fellow ZebPay could tip you)

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