Whatsapp Mobile Doesn't Work

Hi my friends,
A couple of days, i cant use whatsapp mobile, when i read the qr code but system doesnt let me in. Before these days, everything was normal.

Hi and a belated welcome to the community.

There is a known issue that I think is related to your issue. Posting information below. The linked topic is very active and you may want to look it over. Ditto for the Brave GitHub issue report. You may want to track both the topic and the issue report as any new updates will most likely be posted there.

Hope this helps! Please post an update. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

ISSUE: Whatsapp Not Working

  1. Disasble Honey extension if installed
  2. Disable Use hardware acceleration when available at brave://settings/system
  3. Close and relaunch Brave

Topic Reference: Whatsapp Web is not working

Brave GitHub Issue Report (Source):
Web.whatsapp.com fails to authenticate and returns “Make sure you computer has an active internet connection”

Source: As posted in User Solutions: Brave Release 1.42.x