What will be with Russian reward payouts?

Uphold stop working with Russia last week. Where will the rewards go now? I have local wallet, but how payouts will work with it?

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@Bhagadatta I kind of answered this in FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

If your region is unsupported by Gemini or Uphold, then you have no ways to convert your vBAT to BAT. This means you’ll be able to view ads and earn vBAT, but you’ll only be able to let it keep building or can tip it to your favorite creators.

Unfortunately these are the only two places that are able to serve as Verified Wallets at this time. Brave is looking at getting other places involved for the future, but currently there’s no options. You will need to keep an eye out on Uphold and Gemini’s websites to see if access to your region might open again in the future.

At this point, you should be able to still earn BAT but it will remain within your browser. BAT from Brave Rewards can’t go to Brave Wallet and there are no other participating exchanges in our region. There is Bitflyer as a 3rd but they are only working with Brave in Japan at this time.

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Hmm, okay. But why we cannot get paid to local ethereum address(0x)? Now wallet integrated into Brave, but we still cannot use it for getting rewards… I do not understand this decision.

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