What is the status of brave rewards

Can I get a update on brave rewards, brave is not sharing any information about zebpay user brave rewards it has just put a banner showing that the reward is still pending can I know that has brave started sending rewards or the brave and zebpay collaboration is still working on it and none of user received rewards.
Thanks in advance.

@ProGamerov I said I would provide any updates when we get them to the notice at PSA: March 2024 ZebPay Payout delay/issues. For me not to have any update there means they haven’t said anything.

Also keep in mind we’re in the middle of the weekend, when hardly anyone ever is working. So just got to be patient.

In India, the reward of February have not received till now. Kindly look into the issue and fix it, Reward are not showing in the wallet.

Yes bro rewards are not received brave is not releasing our reward maybe some internal error we can just wait.

Thanks Reward is Received.

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