Brave rewards shows paid but not received (Solution)

I am not an official of Brave but just a seasoned user. I saw that many people are complaining that brave rewards is giving a notice saying that rewards have been paid out for November ads (December payout) but in fact, that they haven’t received it.

I think that the notice is most likely a bug which is fetching that info for November payout instead so it thinks its complete. To get official support, I have tried reaching out to Brave support and Chriscat (PM for brave rewards) to look into this and will be posting an update once I get any.

Do not worry about the payout as of now, as generally, it starts only after the 7th or 8th of the consecutive month.


Just got an update.

The banner is a bug and payout will happen next week after 8th as usual. Thanks.

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It should be fixed now! Sorry for the confusion. Payouts are still pending.

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