PSA: March 2024 ZebPay Payout delay/issues

The usual Ads Payout Status Update will advise the status of payouts, but I did want to reach out as I’ve been seeing people create topics and ask about the overall status of payments on ZebPay.

I contacted the Rewards team and they did confirm there are some issues that are actively being worked on by both them and ZebPay. There is no ETA on a fix, but they will be pushing out payments as soon as possible.

The key factor this month will be that everyone is just going to have to be patient. You can continue to monitor the payout status topic to determine when payments are completed. I’ll also try to reply and update here when I see that payments are finished or I get any further updates.


Thank you for your reply , I just had assumed these fellas are faking it and won’t prioritise Zebpay users but now after replies from some community members like you , I’ve been assured that they would rollout the payments sooner

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Thank you! I haven’t received payment into my Uphold account either. So it’s not just ZebPay.

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Actually, Uphold payments have finished. If you didn’t get yours, then you’ll need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at Generally those not getting payments have been flagged/suspended, but it’s possible other issue has occurred. Regardless, you’ll need to create a ticket so someone from Brave can review your account and let you know what’s going on.

Just a note for those who see this, I’m just responding to @isprey and anyone who is NOT using ZebPay. ZebPay just hasn’t paid out yet for everyone. Don’t get it confused.


Thank you for letting me know! I’ll do that!

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Thank you for update sir.

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Thank you sir for telling us :blush: :pray:

It’s been 10+ days, I planned to do something with the money, but now it seems like I will have to wait a month to recieve it.

One of the Brave Support agents just created a topic on it. Still being looked into. Just wanted to advise that official notice is at link below:

Since they have an official topic for it, I’m going to lock this one. But definitely will be in touch with people as needed. I promise, they are trying to get it resolved and BAT to everyone ASAP.