What is the bang for automatically navigating to the image tab and video tab results in Brave Search?

Description of the issue:
I cannot figure out what the bangs are for the image section and the video section on Brave Search. I’ve tried !i for image and !v for videos but it doesn’t work unlike in DuckDuckGo.

It is second nature for me to use these bangs already and not being able to use them is really throwing me off.

Brave Version (check About Brave): [
Version 1.44.105 Chromium: 106.0.5249.91 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Operating System:
Windows 10

@user1641718407 you would have to create it yourself. To create bangs for any site, you go to brave://settings/searchEngines (or just go SettingsSearch Engine) and then click on Manage search engines and site search to open it up. You’ll scroll to the Site Search part and need to click Add.

Usually to get information, you have to go to the search. Yes, Brave Search is there, but the URL posted is for normal search. I’ll walk you through how to get the URL so if you ever need to create for other ones. You’d go to search.brave.com and then put in a search term. I put in apple. When you do that, it will take you to normal results. Hit Images and you’ll notice the URL change to https://search.brave.com/images?q=apple

For the final step, you replace apple with %s. This gives us the link https://search.brave.com/images?q=%s

Go back to where I said you have to hit Add and you’ll create your new bang. You can name it what you want and put whatever shortcut you wish. But a made up example I put is below:

Settings - Manage search engines and site search - Brave 10_6_2022 19_10_19

From there, you Add and it will appear and be usable. (I changed from :i to !i but it’s whatever)

You can always click on the hamburger menu (three dots) to make it your default search, to deactivate that bang, or to delete the bang. You can also hit the pencil to edit it, if you wish to change the name or shortcut.

Then you’d have to do the same thing over again and have a shortcut for Video or whatever else.

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I appreciate the solution but why isn’t this built in to Brave Search? Even the Google bang has a dedicated image tab search via !gi but Brave Search itself doesn’t…?

Also your solution does not work with my use-case. I would have to type !i then press tab then type what I’m searching when my natural use-case is to type my query !i with the bang at the end of the query on the address bar.

Well, not tab. I just hit the shortcut and then the search. So would be like:

!i apple and it would do an image search for apple.

I get you’re saying you’d like it to be:

apple !i but not sure what to say on that.

Because Brave left it basic and let Users customize it. I mean, everyone uses whatever Search they want and overall Brave is trying not to force anyone to use things. All of that said, if you really want answers on that, your best bet is to tag or DM someone from Brave and see if they’ll respond. Not even sure who would be best to ask, lol.

Oh, I thought you were from Brave, apologies

Oh, you’re good. It happens a lot. I know long ago when I first saw Community Ninja I had thought they were with Brave as well. But it’s just a little badge they give to those of us who help out a lot.

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