Plain BANG (!) to take to you top result

Hello , this feature takes you to the top search result and it saves you 1 click and its about the only feature I want from DuckDuckGo, it is also implemented by

If you query “! cnn” or “cnn !” it will take you to the top result which should be . Give it a try. This is similar to Google’s “I am feeling lucky” . It really save you that extra page load.

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I am not sure you understood what I said, I am not asking to implement bangs. there is a plain bang that takes you to the top result no matter what you search. Try it on

"disney ! "

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This is a new thing I just learned.

On my end too, it works on ddg but not on brave search. As you said, brave search will need to implement this feature.


Using the Brave Browser > Bookmarks Manager . . .

Add a new bookmark:

  • Name: Go to top
  • URL: javascript:window.scrollTo%280%2C000000%29

Add a new bookmark:

  • Name: Go to bottom
  • URL: javascript:window.scrollTo%280%2C100000%29