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Hi, does anyone know why Brave records and applies my passwords to my various sites but will not reveal them to me? I use the Brave browser on a Google Chromebook, and I am using the mobile version I think. It asks me to unlock my screen when I query it to reveal the password, but that only applies to a handheld device, not a desktop. I have forgotten some of my passwords and want to write them down. I had problems with the Blur extension for Chrome which lost all of my passwords, and fear this happening again with Brave,

You can view all your passwords in brave://settings/passwords in desktop. Since browser stores your passwords in device in encrypted form, you will require your device password to view them. It is a security feature.

Hello Aman, thank you for the reply. This suggestion does not work. I am using the Brave Browser in my Chromebook, and am already signed in anyway, and asking for the password to be revealed just does not happen. I tried what you suggested too.

Have you any other ideas?
Thanks, Reed

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Do you mean that on sites it is that you don’t see an option to view password or in settings (in the link provided in my previous reply)? Some sites may not offer to view password. On Gmail login page, do you not get an option to view password?

If you can post a screenshot to explain better (without revealing any username/password, ofcourse).

Hello Aman, thanks again for the reply. I mean in “Settings” when you then go to the passwords location there is an icon in the form of an eye that one is supposed to click on to reveal the password, but instead a message appears saying that I must unlock the screen. It is as if the system does not recognize that I am using a laptop computer and not a hand-held device. It is not about individual sites, only the Brave browser where the problem occurs. The place in the browser where ALL the passwords are stored does the same thing every time: you click on the icon and the message appears saying to unlock the screen, but I am using a Google Chromebook with Brave browser installed from the Google Play store. I will now go and try to find out how to do a screenshot within the Brave browser; it is not as easy as doing a screenshot directly from the Chromebook.

Hi again Aman. Well, as I guessed, you cannot do a screenshot on Brave. I used Brave Search to check, and others have asked the folks at Brave to provide such a tool. So unless you know how to do (and tell how if you do), I cannot send you a screenshot. I tried using the Chromebook’s screenshot toll, but it doesn’t work in Brave at all.

Brave doesn’t provide screenshot tool from within the browser. See if this article helps in taking screenshot on Chromebook-

This is expected behaviour as device password will be required to retrieve your password. Do you not have the password or Are you unable to put-in your password? What do you face when you enter the password?

Hello Aman! There is nowhere to put in the password. The “device” you mention is my laptop-I am NOT using a hand-held device like a smart or i-phone, and I am automatically signed in since my laptop is a Chromebook.

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A screenshot would be really helpful here. Normally a prompt comes to put in your password even in desktop. Do you not get such prompt?

Can you try to export passwords from brave://settings/passwords click on the the three dots on the right and Export passwords. This will again ask for device password. See if you get a different result.

Hey reed, you can try going into settings, Advanced settings, Passwords and clicking the 3 dots to get the option to Export your passwords. This doesn’t affect the passwords in anyway it just saves it into a text document which you can read.

Ohh I see. It must be recognizing your device as a phone rather then a laptop.

I too suggest what @zooders has written over here:

It will still ask for a password if I am right, so it might not work after all.

I do have another method if this one doesn’t work. So do let me know.

Hi again, Aman. No, I tried to export the password by clicking on the three dots and again a message appears telling me to unlock the device. I am assuming the programme doesn’t recognize that I am NOT on a smart or i-phone and instead am on a laptop.

Do I need to be registered with Brave and sign in? I have never seen the sign-in; I just downloaded Brave from the Google Play store. Would it make any difference?

Hi, no, does not work when I click on the three dots; a message appears saying to unlock the device. I am on a Google Chromebook, not a hand-held device.

Hi! So kind to offer assistance! The clicking on the three dots doesn’t work; again you are asked to unlock the device. I wonder why it does not recognize that I am on a laptop.

What’s the next step?

Ok for this next step you require a mobile phone.
Do you have one with you currently?

I don’t understand. Why are you unable to unlock the device. Do you see same problem in other browser like Chrome?

No Brave doesn’t require to be signed-in. Whether on a desktop/laptop or Android/iOS, you would require you device password to view saved passwords.

This has to do something with the fact that he is using a Chromebook, I think I might have a fix but we have to see…

It is basically recognizing his laptop as a phone and yeah.

This is the issue. You should have gone to and from there you should have downloaded the pc version.
Since you downloaded it from the play store, it is recognizing your device as a hand held device.

Before doing this, you must save your passwords. So for that you will need an actual phone. Reply when you are ready with a phone.

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Mysterious isn’t it? I do not have this issue in Chromebook. By the way, I do not use Chromebook’s password-saving feature, I use Blur, by Abine. When I use Opera or Brave browsers, they store but do not reveal the passwords despite all that you have recommended.

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No, sorry, I do not have one.

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