What happens if you work on a cruise ship and you want to use brave rewards

Hi I just wanted to know what happens if you work on a cruise ship or if your a flight attendant and you want to use brave rewards? will you still receive brave rewards if you opt in? because in real life, not on vpn, you’ll be switching regions often, this question just popped in my mind recently and maybe might help people like that or brave developers because maybe setting your region could work against some people, that’s if its open to people that work on cruiseships or people that travel to other countries often.

Hey, nice question. Had me thinking for a bit. I don’t have a definitive answer though. I guess they could set the region as the country of residence or a passport they hold. If their country is supported for rewards verification they should be able to connect.
@SaltyBanana @Mattches @steeven @chriscat any idea ?

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