Weird "private tab" symbol on android 12

I’m wondering if anyone with android 12 having this weird looking “private tab” icon at notification area? It used to show up the same sunglasses icon, but after updated my phone to android 12 the icon looks like melted sunglasses.


I’m also using Android 12 but, this icon showns normal on my phone

What phone are you using ?

i am also having an issue with private tab on android but my issue is that i see some other image by the side of google

I have OnePlus 8 Pro, I’ve test other browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and all shows up normal, only Brave shows up weird.

Hmm, thats eeally weird. I hope devs can look at that.

i am using android 11
@Mattches @steeven @SaltyBanana

I’ve opened the following issue for this:

Can anyone else experiencing this please tell me what device model they’re using?

Thank you Mattches, I check the other post and you mentioned to try Brave Beta build, so I went and download it, but still shows up same weird icon.

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