Wrong favicons of the webpages

Description of the issue:
Fav icons are wrong

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.open website
2.favicons are shown for some other website

Expected result:
Should show correct favicon

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Android 11

Additional Information:

As We can see the google tab favicons is changed to LinkedIn icon and Play Store icon is also different


The play store icon is normal and expected, it’s what I see as well. Do you see the favicon also appear incorrectly in standard (non-private) tabs as well?

The Google icon in the standard tab is correct, and for the Google Play icon, I mean that in the Google search result page, it doesn’t even show the icon.

See this pic GitHub icon is not visible @Mattches

I assume that you’ve tried fully closing and reopening the browser. You might need to clear cache data or app cache data. Can you try closing the browser, going Settings on your Android device, then Apps --> Brave --> Storage --> Clear cache then relaunch and check to see if the issue is resolved?

Not fixed @Mattches

Icon for the google now changed to some other now

Now I would try clearing cached images and files in Settings --> Brave Shields & Privacy --> Clear browsing data --> Cached images and files and see if that resolves the issue.

I would also restart the browser after clearing.

@Mattches not fixed

@Mattches ,
Now even in standard tab google favicon is wrong

@Mattches @steeven @sampson @rebron2000
Any update on this?
Please reply to the community member @Mattches

I’m seeing several reports of this for Chrome as well, which points to it potentially being an upstream issue.

Alternatively, are you using Sync at this time? Having another Android device on the Sync chain may actually explain what is happening here. Lastly, out of curiosity, do you have the sites that are showing the wrong favicon bookmarked?

No, I am not using sync and bookmarks.

Is this the upstream issue you have mentioned @Mattches ?


The issue you shared seems to be tangentially related. Can you please share with me the phone model you’re using when you see this so I can add it to the report I’ve opened?

Redmi Note 8 Pro
Android 11

When will the fix be released, @Mattches

Unfortunately I do not have that information at this time — it will be up to the Android dev team to decide when the issue is triaged out.