Weird audio crackling in fullscreen videos only on Brave

This has happened before but it went away but now its back, whenever i have videos playing in fullscreen there’s weird crackling sounds in the audio, i did troubleshoot lots of stuff and nothing fixed it, i can’t find anything about this issue online as far as i know.
Yes i tried other headphones, inputs, checked for updates and drivers etc.
One thing i found out while troubleshooting is that if i turn on hardware acceleration then it goes away, but the issue with that is that it makes videos glitch out, weird dark color flashing and such, which i did post about before but fixed it by turning off hardware acceleration.

Brave Version 1.43.89

It only happens in Brave/Brave Beta, not on other browsers or downloaded videos, it could be something related to my GPU ( NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 ) or something to do with Chromium, or Windows 11.

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