Audio Crackling

When ever i load a video there is ~ a 75% chance of getting crackling
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Launch Brave Browser
2.Load literally any video

A cut in the audio every couple seconds
Brave Version(0.68.132):

I’ve done a bit of trouble shooting on my own to try and figure this out, I dont get crackling on the same videos using edge browser and using local files and cranking my external dac/amp to max also doesnt replicate the issue. I’m probably about to try a dev build or Chrome but i generally prefer brave browser and would prefer to just find a solution to this problem.

Update: switching to Brave beta solved the problem, i had been assuming it was probably some encoder issue in whatever build of chromium they were using because it wasn’t linked to youtubes site but the browser in general which is further supported now that the issue didn’t persist to the beta build however I dont have the technical skill to isolate that specifically.

Interesting – please let us know if the crackling returns in Beta – you might consider reinstalling Release channel as well to see if it resolves the issue.

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