Websites don't load on mobile data

Hello Brave Browser community,

I can’t load any website on Brave Browser on mobile data. Chrome works fine. If I switch to any WiFi Brave works again.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Disconnect WiFi
  2. Load any website
  4. Switch WiFi back on, everything works fine.

Brave Version(See the About Brave page in Settings):
Brave 1.1.2, Chromium 75.0.3770.143

Mobile Device details
Oneplus A5000

Android/iOS Version
Android 9

Additional Information:
I am using NordVPN on the phone but the result doesn’t change without the VPN.


I would really love to get some feedback on this.

I know you guys are super busy, but I would love to use Brave on my mobile as well, since I am already using it constantly on my desktop and love it!

@OkamiKun I haven’t experience what you are speaking about but then again I use a oneplus6

Can the user test the connection when Wifi is disabled? Say, run app does that run with/without a vpn?

Nothing is loading when on mobile. No matter if on vpn or not.

Possibly not enough Mobile data or Mobile reception not good, or mobile data is turned off on the phone? I’d look at restarting the phone, then check you have enough phone/mobile data with your carrier.

Everything is working without any problem when using Chrome

Could try clearing the App cache/data (Settings/Apps & settiings), search for “Brave” Storage. Clear storage/Cache. Also check “App data usage”, Ensure only “Background data” is enabled.

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The last suggestion worked! Mobile data usage was deactivated. I Don know why that would be activated, though…

Anyway, thanks a lot!

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greetings admin, please help me to be able to login to brave, every time I try to always ask for a link, even though my previous login was using authenticator, thank you.

are you using 2fa? some mails hide recent links in threads

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