Website hits counter not showing in Brave

I’ve set up a website hits counter on a test page for my website, it works on both Edge and Chrome, but only the text appears on Brave, no counter

Issue can be seen here on test page

**Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.37.116

thanks in advance

That is because, your script is bloked by brave sheild
It works on mine, but I disable shield.

Using Ublock to know which domain Is blocked, I then temporarily allow it (in green) and thus your counter show:

Counters are trackers for users, so its blocked by Easyprivacy (and thus Brave)

Ok thanks all, I tried a couple of options to no avail - it’s simply as a test

Add @@||^$ into brave://adblock will get around the block. But yeah webfreecounter is a tracker which is why its blocked

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