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Hello good day. I went to the Brave Creators page and added my own website today. Although it was approved by Brave, I did not receive a donation icon on my website. Seems like I am not approved.

Please Help

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Will take 24-48 hours for your Brave to get the latest list. Or click that Durumu Yenile button.

Thank you . Nothing changes happens when I click the “Durumu Yenile” button. 20 hours passed. I will wait for the 48 hours to expire. Thank you.

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Np. :+1: In case you wanna know. Your site is verified.

yes I saw it, but the absence of a donation symbol makes me think. :roll_eyes:

@steeven please help me ?

Hi Bro @anon83185095 . Donation icon did not come after 48 hours expired

Hi @sabitblsvr, is this still an issue?

Yes this issue I am also getting

yes this problem persists. There is still no triangular donation icon on my website. Can you help me @steeven ?

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