Web site is blocking Brave browser

I don’t want to reveal the streaming web site, so this post is just to see if others have run into this issue. *see screenshot


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I don’t have a way to test. Is this thestreameast.to , streameast.io. Is shields up, ads&trackers enabled? It errors out, when I access via vpn

Bumping this - didn’t work for me

@fanboynz this is on https://www.thestreameast.to/.

streameast.to and thestreameast.gg both seem to work with no issues. That said, people say those are clones and that thestreameast.to is the original and “legit” site. I’m not sure about that differentiation.

thestreameast.to does work on Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge, and Firefox. It won’t open in Brave no matter what you do. I tested on Nightly and Release, both with Shields down and with it active.




On Brave

On Vivaldi

On Chrome

I see where you’re having issues, as when I tried to use Tor to access, it shows:


So they took precautions there, but otherwise seem to be identifying Brave and blocking.


Inspecting the page, I see this:


And in Console, we see:


Not sure if that might help or if there’s anything else can do to help figure out what it’s doing.

On the pages that don’t work does it have something similar too

||cdn.streambeast.io/tag.js (or something with tags.js)

Is that being blocked? aggressive mode help?

I tried with everything turned off, even on global settings. Seems whether on strictest or with everything disabled, no luck.

Not seeing anything like that anywhere, no. About the closest I can get to that is below:

<script defer="" src="https://static.cloudflareinsights.com/beacon.min.js/v84a3a4012de94ce1a686ba8c167c359c1696973893317" integrity="sha512-euoFGowhlaLqXsPWQ48qSkBSCFs3DPRyiwVu3FjR96cMPx+Fr+gpWRhIafcHwqwCqWS42RZhIudOvEI+Ckf6MA==" data-cf-beacon="{&quot;rayId&quot;:&quot;85303de66c98138e&quot;,&quot;version&quot;:&quot;2024.2.0&quot;,&quot;token&quot;:&quot;ac337c44b42b4ffd8c59942dcdf1075f&quot;}" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

I’ve rolled some potential fix (should be live in the next 45mins). in Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.3931 or better in brave://components

kk. I’ll try to check it in a bit and I’ll reply if any luck.

site loads when shields is disabled but i would say this site may get malware/adware on your device without protections so avoid using it without protections


@fanboynz have it updated to 1.0.3931 and all but no change. I also cleared cookies for the site just in case that mattered.

@scavxo what are you looking at it with? I just am using Shields and some basic stuff. So if I choose to Block Scripts, it just shows:


And on the ads blocker part, it just showed:


And it still isn’t letting it work despite Shields down.

And continues blocking even with Shields down.

On Nightly, I tried as well. I’m seeing below for blocked:


And same as on Release, doing Block Scripts just shows the below as being blocked:


  1. Shields off
  2. Remove Cookies/Sitedata
  3. Block Scripts using chromium not shields
  4. Reload the site and it will work.

It works in Normal window But i would suggest to test it in private window as the site may be Risky to trust and you may get adware/malware…etc

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Yeah I can replicate, only fix is to hax the client-hints.

Just confirmed, using https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/modheader-modify-http-hea/idgpnmonknjnojddfkpgkljpfnnfcklj

add the following:

Sec-CH-UA "Not A(Brand";v="99", "Google Chrome";v="121", "Chromium";v="121"

Loaded https://www.thestreameast.to/v3/ without issue

This worked for me - blocked scripts, turned off Shields, thanks!

edit: though I get this when I attempt to watch streams. I do not get this on Chrome

@streamwithmyfriends you can try as Fanboynz mentioned. I just tested and it works.


@fanboynz just want to ask. A while back @shivan mentioned that any sites that block or discriminate against Brave would be added to unbreak. Guess as is written at https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/wiki/Detecting-Brave-(for-Websites) and then found at https://github.com/brave/adblock-lists/blob/c67badc6f1e4409c93d56bd98fae3a1d39671d55/brave-unbreak.txt#L722-L723

Would this be the next step for the site, where things will be handled through Shields? Or is the final remedy in this situation going to be that anyone experiencing problems is going to need to rely on the extension or use another browser?

Personally, I just wish we’d tell everyone that we’re using Chrome/Chromium. Not sure why we need to reveal we’re using Brave.

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There is no easy fix atm. We’re discussing options to bypass checks like this on Sec-Ch-Ua, a per-site counter. This site certainly highlighted this.

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