Web applications/Shortcuts should be able to have multiple tabs

Having shortcuts is a Godsend when it comes to wanting to have standalone/offshoots of Brave sessions especially for certain web applications, but it’d be nice to be able to have multiple tabs using the assigned shortcut as the default start page, just so there’d not be any need to have multiple copies of the same shortcut open simultaneously.

A great example of where this would come in handy would be:
A multi-tab Wikipedia to have branching and related articles open; easy to switch to and from different tabs/articles.

Any questions on specifics on where I’m trying to get at, feel free to ask!

Chromium already added support for that, it is behind flags, so Brave can use them.

How may I access those? And is it through the shortcut/web application? Or is it through the main app?

go to brave://flags/ and search PWA to see all flags related to it.

this is the one I am talking about brave://flags/#enable-desktop-pwas-tab-strip might work or not the way you want it. But it is done by Chromium not Brave, so it’s better to request on their side if is not enough.

Thanks I’ll look into it