We need Brave account settings and more pictures for the new tab

Hello dear Brave Team and Community,

I set up Brave browser settings, design, search engine etc. For all of these I made a new Brave Account in the right top corner with my Name and cancelled the ‘Profile 1’.
When I restarted the browser I saw the icon I chose for my Profile near the Brave icon in the taskbar. So I opened the profile-manager and saw that the ‘Profile 1’ has “recreated” itself. So I removed it from Brave but after I reopened the browser it was still there.

I think it should be possible to delete the ‘Profile 1’(or at least rename), without recreating it after launching. In addition it would be nice to extend the overview of your Accounts at least a bit, because at the moment all you can do with an account, when you click on the 3 setting dots, is delete it, which doens’t even work on the ‘Profile 1’ account. Practically you can’t have only one account, which isn’t named ‘Profile 1’.

An other point I think you could improve Brave is by adding more pictures to the new tab overview page. I like this page a lot because it’s simple and there is a clean clock, but there always show up the same pictures. At the moment if feels like there are 20 pictures.

I want to mention that except these two arguments I do enjoy Brave, especially because it’s an awesome alternative to Chrome, since you have the same advantages of it(even more like the P. Tor Window) without getting tracked.

With kind regards,

Windows 10, Brave Version 0.67.123 Chromium: 76.0.3809.87 | 02.09.2019