Wallet Questions: "Icon URLs"

Tried this and it worked! Will be nice to be able to add a token to the wallet “on the fly” and not have to go through adding via visible assets.

I followed this documentation:


  1. Is this only available for Ethereum Mainnet tokens? I didn’t see any options for tokens on other networks and I couldn’t find any references in GitHub about this.

  2. Where can we find “Icon URLs” for other networks to enter into the Icon URL field when adding a network?

I added SC (BSC) network to my wallet (finally - took a while with much anquish) and the coin token icon is just wrong (see below).

We don’t have images bundled for other networks yet, but we are doing this for some of them soon. You can add a custom URL if you have one with the image but we don’t provide them ourselves.
You can set other network’s images by editing the custom asset’s icon URL with that network selected.

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