Import token icons

We need the option to import token icons from local device (or even better from URL!)

Also, I see when creating a new network, there is a section “Icon URLs” but I cant find any info on how this works, and just ends up with me having broken images until i set it to default.

This is needed on mobile & desktop


This is 10000000% needed

Tired of seeing just letters

Sorry the icon URL field is not used yet, but we’ll add support soon.
Are you looking for some kind of batch import?

I’ll notify you here when this issue lands

is there a way to manually do this for now?

I see the token icons at brave://erc-token-images/

I can change the icon for ERC20 Tokens, and even upload my own for lesser known tokens. Is there a directory that the EVM’s use?

I would like to change token Icons on BSC & Polygon for example

You may be able to use data URLs but I’ll push to get this done soon. There is a directly inside Brave’s profile directory that images for brave://erc-token-images/ resolve to, but if we update that it’ll blow away any changes you make inside of that directory. So modifying it manually is not the best bet.

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FYI this is working now as of the start of this month on our Release channel 1.36.x