vSphere 7.x right-click menus not working

I spend a lot of time in the vSphere 7.x web UI and have been frustrated for years by the right-VMware-specific right-click menu not working. When you right-click a VM, for instance, you only get the default Brave context menu… not the intended vSphere menu (javascript? HTML5?). I have Brave shields turned off for the entire domain, but that doesn’t seem to help.

What is odd is that once in a blue moon… maybe once a month, the right-click menu will work. I have no idea why.

I don’t have an account to test, is there a sample public page to confirm this?

vSphere is not free, but the hypervisor (ESXi) is. The menus also do not work in that web UI, either. You would need to deploy ESXi (it’s bare metal, so you’d have to install it on a PC or something), then make sure it’s connected to your same network with an IP address so you could reach it from a PC running Brave. I could definitely help you with that throughout the day via Google Meet or Teams.

Here is a screenshot of the VM right-click menu in Firefox, which activates a menu:

…and here is a screenshot of the same ESXi host in Brave, which only activates the browser context menu:

Is anyone able to test this?

Hard to test (as stated), do you have console error messages that differ from Chrome, does shields affect it?

Not sure what you mean by console error messages. I don’t experience a hard “error”. I either get the default browser context menu (on Brave) or the web app’s context menu (in Chrome). If there is something in the developer console I could look at or log, that would be awesome.

As for shields, up or down makes zero difference.

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