Videos laggy and slow

Description of the issue: After the new Brave update, I experienced that all videos are somehow slow and laggy in the browser. (It is like when you set the speed of a video to 0.5 seconds.)

I have restarted my device several times but nothing happened.

Brave Version:
Version: 1.23.74

Mobile Device details:
Phone: Sony Xperia 5 II.
Android 11

Hey, can you test either Brave Beta or Nightly (via the play store). Does it help?

Hi! No, I tried both of them but still bad.

Do you have Chrome or another Chromium based browser on your device that you can use to test and see if you get the same behavior there?

Might be related

I do, I tested on Google Chrome and yeah, the same problem there as well.

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Thanks for confirming. Very likely an upstream chromium issue. @fanboynz would you mind checking to see if you can find out if that’s the case on the Chromium end?

Thank you for your help. I just tested, and if I use an older version of the Google Chrome, the problem disappears.

Using my OnePlus 6 (yeah, an older phone), I couldn’t replicate this. But others could.

Current Chrome builds have the same issue?

Yeah, I tested some of them, and all the same.

Sorry, I meant to say I tested some other browsers too. But the answer to your question is yes.

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Does disabling tab groups in brave://flags help?

Nope, still the same.

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