Videos don't play from Fox News

Why do videos not play from Fox news? Just a static black screen. Is it because of the pre-roll ads?

Make sure and is not blocked in any ad blockers.

Thank you. Where would I check that?

Do you have any extensions for ad blockers installed? uMatrix, AdGuard, AdBlocker, etc?

No I don’t. Is there anything in the Brave preferences that would be blocking it?

This is actually a known issue with certain sites – although I thought that Fox News had been addressed already. I’ve added your report to the thread as a +1 on your behalf and have reached out to some team members to get more eyes on the problem.

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Can you take a picture of your address bar up to the brave shield icon? Is there anything on the left of the brave shield with an x in it? If so, click this and allow. Keep the shield up.



Could you do the same but from the foxnews website you’re having problems with?

Okay, shields were up for the site. I just have to get better at knowing how to use your browser!

See from the attached screen shot that it says I am browsing this site without any privacy and security protections.

Is it all or nothing regarding being able to see video content versus ad blocking and security?


Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 7.15.39 PM.png

I just wanted to see if you had any other blockers that’s all. It seems you don’t. Mine works perfectly with shields up, I also use uMatrix and AdGuard and I’m able to unblock the sites above to watch the videos on Foxnews. So you’ll have to see what comes about of Mattches bug report. I’m using the official build of Brave btw. Are you using another build?

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