Video pauses once on all streamed videos

While streaming video either in browser or my youtube app, it will pause playback near the start of the video.

Reproduce by playing any video, mine pauses anywhere from 20 seconds to 5 minutes in.

Brave version V1.35.101 on Windows 11 64bit

AMD Radeon RX5700 Driver version 22.2.1

Does it do this for sites other than YouTube too? What are your autoplay settings (brave://settings/content/autoplay)?


It does it on all video streams. YouTube autoplay is on.

Interesting. For me exclusively YouTube started doing this a few months back when I had autoplay enabled, but other sites didn’t. Then it stopped happening as suddenly as it started, so I dismissed it as being on YT’s end, but now I’m wondering if it could be some script getting blocked.

Could you test with Shields disabled as well as any extensions that block scripts (e.g. ad-blockers, script-blockers, etc.; if you are unsure, best to disable all extensions)?