V0.22.727 for laptop has been released!

Brave Browser v0.22.727 has been released.


Release notes:

  • Added CAPTCHA verification when accepting Payment grants. (#14188)
  • Added “Clear Payment Data / Clear Payment History” under security preferences and “Delete Wallet” under advanced payments preferences. (#8537)
  • Optimized contributions by adding support for batch voting. (#14190)
  • Fixed Payments displaying message incorrectly stating that 30 minutes of total usage hasn’t been logged (in some situations). (#14310)
  • Fixed tab ordering issue when opening new tabs. (#14281)
  • Fixed publishers being added as “include” even though the “auto-include” has been disabled. (#14245)
  • Fixed startup crashes when specific Payments files are missing or corrupted after an upgrade. (#14202)

Full changelog: