V0.22.714 for laptop has been released!


Brave Browser v0.22.714 has been released.


Release notes:

  • Improved performance for browser startup and general UI, especially with a high number of tabs opened. (#13216)
  • Added “Include site in Brave Payments” right-click item for history and bookmarks. (#6547)
  • Added notification when contribution is pushed back due to minimum 30min browsing time not being met. (#14000)
  • Added an option to disable WebRTC. (#13668)
  • Added a reminder notification to backup Payments wallet when funds are added for the first time. (#13425)
  • Added HSTS fingerprinting mitigation. (#12223)
  • Added error under Payments when connection to the ledger server fails. (#13972)
  • Fixed performance issues when closing tab towards the beginning of a tab strip. (#14081)
  • Fixed bookmark bar staying visible after all bookmarks have been removed. (#14047)
  • Fixed crash on macOS when selecting “Share” under the file menu when there’s no windows opened. (#13928)
  • Fixed several broken cases when adding websites via the publisher toggle button. (#13879)
  • Fixed ledger table sort based on contribution percentage. (#13721)
  • Fixed active tabs sometimes appearing white and not loading during startup. (#13679)
  • Fixed bookmark search. (#13322)
  • Fixed background process not correctly terminating when closing Brave after importing data. (#13422)
  • Fixed background process not correctly terminating when closing Brave using titlebar after bookmarking. (#13277)
  • Fixed PDFs not being added into Payments. (#12792)
  • Fixed large balances not being displayed correctly under Payments. (#12220)
  • Fixed loading icon being displayed in ad slots where ads have been removed on Marketwatch. (#11730)
  • Fixed crash when using “Mute other tabs” with large profiles. (#14058)
  • Fixed tabs become unmuted when dragged to a new window. (#13979)
  • Fixed unable to open private tab using keyboard shortcut from a PDF tab. (#4024)
  • Fixed escape key not closing the add funds dialog under Payments. (#3800)

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