Browser tabs width issue

i’m used to open many tabs on my browser, and we’re talking about hundreds of tabs open. in firefox, they maintain the width of the tab (a little bit small, but useable) so i can easily find the tabs and click on it. They use side scrolling to move between the tabs. In brave the tabs are getting smaller, sometimes too small to be able to be identified and be clicked.

please enable side scrolling and maintain minimum width for many tabs open.



Totally agree! Just moved from Firefox to Brave but this single issue makes me using both browsers for different tasks which is rather uncomfortable. I’d be really happy if this problem will be fixed. In Brave there is a point when after certain amount of opened tabs, they just don’t appear, they are somewhere buried on the right under the X closing button.

I also notice when using the Brave browser for iPad they have this horizontal scrolling features for tabs, so the tabs width doesn’t get too small. The desktop version can simply copy this design.

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Hi @xpcoolz, thanks for reaching out.
This sounds like a good feature request!
In the mean time you could check out some extensions that could help with navigating your open tabs.

Hi, @Aa-ron , thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately these apps don’t help with the issue.
I hope there is an easy way to fix this, as @xpcoolz said this feature is already there on other platform. I do really like Brave but for me as a heavy desktop user, the browser is not very usable at the current state of development and I guess it’s the same for many others like me. I’ll keep using Firefox for now, but hope Brave will fix this and I’ll be able to come back.