Users get "Call is full" when trying to join link generated via Google Calendar extension

I created a future meeting via the Google Calendar extension. The intent is to be able to use the same URL for recurring video chats. However, when anyone but me tries to join via the link, they get “Call is full.”

This was observed in another thread that was marked as closed because the original post was resolved, but you can see in the comments that others were experiencing this.
Attempting to create a new call in Brave Talk will result in a "This call is full" message ( @Mattches commented in there )

You should be able to test this out by trying to join

Thank you for reaching out about this. Is this while using a Premium account or the standard free call? I’ve reached out to the talk team about this to get more eyes on the situation.

Standard free call. Thanks, and let me know if they need any more info.

So the reason this is happening is because while the room isn’t actually full, the link for that room has had all four spots filled and therefore no one else can join. Think of it as if that room (or any room created in this way) only has four “tickets” to give out and only those with tickets can join. So once those first four tickets were claimed, no more can be given out and subsequently, nobody else can join that particular room.

That being said, I fully admit that this is not intuitive nor does the messaging displayed accurately describe the behavior. I’ve reached out to the team to

  1. Include better messaging on this screen that makes it more clear what exactly is happening/why users are unable to join the room.
  2. Ensure that we include [more clearly] in our documentation that this is the behavior expected when joining these rooms.

So for your issue, unfortunately unless you’re using the premium service, you’ll have to change the Talk link each time in order for other users to join. I do apologize for the inconvenience and confusion here.

Thanks for the explanation! It does make sense from a technical perspective, but I agree that it is not all all communicated in the current documentation, especially since for better or worse we are all going to be comparing it to Meet or Jitsi or even Zoom which only count the number of people currently in the room.

We will likely have to use something else for our purposes - but on the plus side, I introduced my son to Brave Talk for connecting with his friends and that has been working well for him!

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Excellent — I hope it works for all his needs.
And I will continue to work to get better/clearer documentation about the way the feature functions. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.