Uphold Wallet Issue - Mac OS, two devices, 1 Uphold Wallet, Balance Issue

Hello. I have been using Brave browser on 2 different macbooks, the Brave browser is linked to the same uphold wallet on each device.

The device I have been using Brave on for the longest amount of time has amassed 46 BAT.

However, my Uphold wallet only reflects a balance of 3.53 BAT.

When I click on “Withdraw” option to try and get the 46 BAT to reflect in the Uphold wallet, nothing happens.

When I delink Brave browser from my Uphold wallet, then reconnect it, nothing changes.

I must add, this is an EXTREMELY frustrating user experience… if it is noobishness on my part then it must be due to a very unintuitive user action that is required.

Any help appreciated, please see screenshots below.

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