Uphold verification on rewards help

Hello, when i clic on rewards, im asked to verify my wallet, then brave bugs and says that someting went wrong, i have tryed multiple time and i can´t why?

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Hello, I faced this issue today, but I got in touch with the support of uphold and they told me to uninstall the application and try to verify from the browser directly.
After verification is done then install the app again and log-in to your account.

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how do i do that since im on the web uphold?

because, bravo says that I reached the maximum number of pcs checked

In this case you should get in touch with one of the brave support team, because I cant help you with this situation.
and don’t forget to attach some information about your browser version, Wallet ID and screenshot of your Rewards panel.

how can i reach brave?

You may DM @Mattches for more help.
But before you do that please refer to this article Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches